The Link Experience

Connecting the senses is our main search.

Open views

The Link Towers Vistas

The Link Towers offers the magnetic experience of living in front of a large mirror of water, without buildings that stand in their incredible views of the city and the river.

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The Link Towers Amenities

Its luxury amenities were designed to be shared: Pool In & Out, Fireplace, Water Spa, Gym, Gourmet & Wine, Marinas, Fun Room, Kids Place, Livings.

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Unique Location

The Link Towers Amenities

Link has a privileged location on Dique 1, the most avant-garde of the Puerto Madero Dikes. It is the last to consolidate and its developments represent the new global trends in real estate.

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The Link Towers proposes credits for the purchase of apartments in its two ADAN and EVA towers with an exclusive rate of 20 years.


The Renders

Meet THE RENDERS, THE LINK TOWERS sitcom based on a nightmare from real life!


he Renders

The Link Towers sitcom

Link Event

Octubre 2016 - Madero Walk Eventos

Terrace View

Open views from the rooftop

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